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Friday, 3 December 2010


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The consolidation of the peace process in Angola opens new horizons for travel outside the Luanda boundaries and it is now becoming possible to travel within the country in a way that was not feasible before.  Bradt Travel Guides have recently brought out a guide to Angola by Mike Stead and Sean Rorison…..they say 'Angola is no destination for beginnners.  It has no Starbucks or McDonalds, and there's only one functioning escalator in the whole country.  Only seven years have passed since it emerged from three decades of armed struggle;  the land is littered with 10 million unexploded mines (which, interestingly, the elephants have learnt to detect and avoid) and there are few tourist facilities.  But for the adventurous, this country offers over 1,000 km of unspoilt beaches, excellent fishing and surfing, tropical forests and magnificent bird life."                                                                                


Kwanza Tarpon Lodge (also runs Flamingo Lodge)  
Tel: Bruce Bennett cell +244 912 440 052, e-mail:    

Bungalows at the mouth of the River Kwanza (turn right before the bridge).  Some family units, all with AC and shower.   Boat trips upriver (approx US$50 for small boat), or fishing out to sea.  Cost US$350 for two sharing including 3 meals, children extra. New conference facilities for 60 people, total beds 48.  Book two weeks in advance or pot luck last minute.



Angola has a long and beautiful coastline with amazing beaches and it is becoming safer to travel out of the city to enjoy these.  Swimming can be dangerous with rip tides and undertows, though some beaches are safer being a natural bay.    

Cabo Ledo  

There are two beaches, the first has a good restaurant, the second is great for surfing.  

There are now three restaurants at Cabo Ledo and two places to stay.  

Restaurant Pousade Doce Mar.    

Reservations tel: Neto 923 339 649/ 923 854 430/ 912 699 879  

Accommodation double/triple bed bungalows.  Range 11,000 – 15,000Kz. Inc breakfast.    All rooms have TV, A/C and shower.  Restaurant on the beach.  

Fresh fish restaurant Pescari Queiroz. Also  bungalows Tel: 912 378 993  

and recently opened Carpe Diem with at present 4 bungalows (20,000kz)

Tel: 912 502 207/912 855 247  

Ilha do Luanda  

The Ilha is another great place to watch the sunset, or to have lunch or dinner at one of the many open air restaurants.  Look after your belongings anywhere along here - you may not find them later!  Be aware that traffic can be very slow in the evenings or at weekends.                                                                      

Imbondeiros do Kwanza  

Tel: 912 287 358  

66km south of Luanda, beach, restaurant, swimming pool and quality bungalows for overnight stays.              


An ideal place to relax at the weekends.  Beautiful sandy beaches on the ocean side and a safe inner harbour for swimming, boating and water sports. Using local boat transport - Cabosoka Stone located below the Imbondeiro Condiminium there are boats here called "xapas" that can be hired to cross over to Bar Sul on the island (c. 500kz pp each way), a good bar and restaurant. Is public transport to the island available either from Embarcador in Mussulo Bay or from Clube Naval on Ilha?    

The Onjango, Mussulo Turismo, Baja da Arizanga beaches are owned by Jembas.  Transport is available from the jetty at Futungo.  There is a beach bar area with umbrellas and chairs.  Overnight accommodation in thatched air-conditioned huts is available.  Lunch buffet is served at weekends.  Boat ride from Caposka expensive.  

Baia da Arizanga 222 638503/ 222 637000  


Sonho Dourado  

Tel: 912 505 294  

This place has bungalows and a restaurant serving Angolan and international cuisine.                                                                

Bar Sul 

On weekends a lunch buffet is available and there are bungalows to rent if you want to spend the night at the island.  No details available. Bar/restaurant expensive but good ambience.  1500kz for beach beds (2), comfortable chairs and tables, volleyball net.  Swimming          

Palmeirinhas, approximately 45km (28 miles) south of Luanda but your company may not advise travelling to them.   (is this the one called Morro dos Veados???).  A long deserted beach with its waves greatly recommended for surf lovers.  The scenery is magnificent, but bathing here is hazardous.  Beware of strong currents and waves.  Fishing is possible both here and at Santiago beach, 45km north of Luanda.  

Large number of cars on the roads on Sundays, traffic can be dangerous as many drivers are drunk.  You will also need a four wheel drive vehicle.                      

Praia da Pambala    

North of Barra do Dande.  Good road once outside Luanda.  Long beach with coconut palms.  No facilities but would be good for camping.  Very peaceful.  Small number of locals                                                                         

SanganoAbout 27km south of Luanda after Barra do Kwanza  

Restaurant to the left at the bottom has wonderful seafood but beware water and ice.  Ensure that you know the price before you begin!    

Ricardo 912 709 707                                                      

Golfinho – bungalows and restaurant, double bed, A/C and shower - $125-$200 pn including breakfast  

Tel: 914 355 681/ 917 622 083  E:                                                                    

Pirato – bungalows and restaurant, double bed with A/C and shower $100 - $200 pn includes breakfast.   
Tel: 928 289 900 
Oceano – there is now new accommodation in the centre of the fishing village 100 yds back from the beach.  Double bed, A/C and shower $200 pn with breakfast.      
Tel: Senhor Patilhas 912 610 620 or Dona Sao 916 393 352



Not sure this qualifies for day trip – was about 3 hrs drive from Luanda via Viana.  Dam.  Hotel at Kambambe, Pousada de Cambambe tel 913 533 680/235205007.    


Veranda dos Mangais,   
Empreendimentos dos Mangais, Clube de Golfe de Barro de Cuanza,  

Rua Major Canhangulo 3  
Tel: 301653/394825/ Fax: 336633  
 Not sure if this is the right info.  Seems to be that if you turn up now, the  9 hole course is open (wonderfully green).  But take everything you need in the way of refreshments as no restaurant/cafe yet.   Soon to be 18-hole and a further 18 -hole with club house, places to stay etc - so should be great!   Not sure if same company running it.  Info please!

View from Kissama Lodge  

KISSAMA (Quicama) National Park  

Approximately 70k south of Luanda, turn off left after crossing the Kwanza River bridge (toll 210kz).  There is another 30km of rough track before reaching the fenced area (900kz entry) and a further 10k before the lodge.  Road much improved recently.  Established as a game reserve in 1938, it was proclaimed a National park in 1957 and covers an area of roughly 10,000 square kilometers - the Atlantic Ocean forms the park's 120km long western border while the Kwanza and Longa rivers constitute the northern and southern borders respectively.    

Although the wildlife resources have been severely depleted, the Kissama Foundation was established with the objective of rehabilitating the park and if you're lucky you'll spot a few giraffes, zebra and elephants or just enjoy the peace and quiet.  

Possible to stay in thatched  March 2011 see that they've just built 10 new wood cabins which look smart:  probably open May.  Bit confused but new bit of paper in lodge describes it now as 'Kurika Safari Parque' (doesn't work). List says bungalows $180/$200
Tel: 925 314 949/936 373 074/923 594 382/917 051 803.  When speaking to employee he gave a confused picture about what was happening there and couldn't give us prices for new cabins.
Guide own car 2 hrs $50/ or $30pp in lorry:  maybe night time and walking safaris???
Park gates open/close at 06.00 and 18.00.  Camping allowed.  

                                                                                  MIRADOURO DO LUA
If visiting Barra do Kwanza, Kissama or Cabo Ledo, try and stop at the Miradouro with a spectacular view and interesting landscape.  Just short of Kwanza bridge, Luanda side.                                     SLAVE MUSEUM
Located 25km south of Luanda along the coast.  Open weekends only 09.00-17.00.  Entry approx 300kz.  Suggest a guide.                           TERRE VERDE FARM

Slave MuseumLocal fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs, live or frozen chickens. Around 45km north of Luanda. 

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